The Plan: Winter Break 2017

Hello again,

I thought it were best to make this post to get on that statement I made in my introduction about holding myself accountable. I’m leaving for Exchange to Iowa State in about a month’s time so that makes my winter break about two weeks longer than everyone else. Hopefully that gives me more time to procrastinate work on the projects I need to get done.


First thing on my list to get done will be to finish off the PuntSquad payment system which has been in the works for months now, maybe even a year. It actually needs to be finished within the week, so I’ll be spending this week working entirely on that.

I had actually earlier successfully completed the task using the Stripe API but as soon as I finished implementing, I was notified that the platform would be unable to support the site due to their terms and conditions. I did do further research into why we weren’t supported, and found a page titled “Prohibited Businesses”. Our project isn’t directly listed under the page but is similar enough to some of the Gambling related and sports forecasting categories that pushed us off the service.

PayPal integration, although harder to implement than Stripe’s very simple API, should work perfectly fine once I’m done.


Unfortunately in my last semester of uni, I didn’t completely keep up to date in Maths towards the end, (terrible I know) I still have content from Week 10 to 13 in both Vector Algebra and Complex Analysis to complete.

Design for Developers with Mackenzie Little

I started doing this course a while ago, but never managed to finish it. I’m not sure entirely how to feel about this course at the moment but I’m noticing that it has begun to ramp up in terms of captivating my interest probably due to the second half of the course having a more practical component than the first half. I’m very excited to see what the final outcome of the course project will become.

iOS Bootcamp

With the smartphone being an integral part of many people’s lives today, learning to build applications and websites tailored for the mobile experience is now a valuable skill to have. The possibilities for an app are endless, and whilst ideas are great, it is the skill of being able to build an app that will open those doors.

From a young age I have always had a fascination with mobile phones, and my obsession with the device has not waned one bit. It is my hope that by learning Swift I can gain an important skill that is highly employable and at the same time providing me an opportunity to take a shot at some ideas I have.

This is the bare minimum amount of work I want to do. Knowing myself I’ll probably do none of it at all.